“2 Days 1 Night” welcomed new member after Kim Seon-ho’s withdrawal, his first appearance is so extraordinary

The episode in which actor Na In-woo joined the cast of “2 Days 1 Night” as the new member was revealed.

The broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” aired on January 30th briefly showed new member Na In-woo’s first appearance.

na in woo 2D1N
na in woo 2D1N

In the trailer released at the end of the broadcast that day, a man whose face was blurred opened the door and greeted enthusiastically, raising the viewers’ curiosity. In fact, that was actor Na In-woo, the new cast member of “2 Days 1 Night”.

Na In-woo appeared in a short interview with only the lower part of his face revealed, and expressed his excitement, saying, “I easily get nervous. I’m also a bit nervous right now”, adding, “I think it would be so interesting”.

na in woo 2D1N
na in woo 2D1N

While waiting for the new member to appear, the cast members guessed, “Is he an idol?”. Na In-woo, who was running vigorously on the rice paddy fields, immediately stopped when Kim Jong-min shouted, “Wait a minute”.

Accordingly, Kim Jong-min said, “He’s such a good listener. Come here, quickly”. However, Na In-woo ran to a different place from where the members were staying.

na in woo 2D1N

Upon seeing this, Ravi commented, “The production team only picks weird people”. Moon Se-yoon also said, “Everyone is dumb”, drawing big laughter.

On January 25th, Na In-woo was confirmed to appear on “2 Days 1 Night”. Actor Na In-woo, who will join the long journey with the cast members in the future, will fill in the vacancy that Kim Seon-ho left after dropping out of the show last year.

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