aespa Karina makes a firm statement that she will never go back to blonde

aespa affirmed on a show appearance that she would happily part ways with blonde hair.

Just more than a week ago, aespa made a highly anticipated comeback with “Spicy”. During the stage performances and the “Spicy” MV, the idol appeared with stunning, yet heavily bleached, blonde hair. Nonetheless, in a recent talk-show appearance, the idol shared her thoughts on the burden and pain of being a blonde.


Recently, aespa NingNing and Karina appeared on “Eunchae Star Diary” and talked about their latest music release. Eunchae, the show’s host, showed a particular interest in Karina’s blonde hair for the “Spicy” comeback. Eunchae quickly asked which color Karina preferred: blonde or brunette. Almost immediately, Karina chose to be a brunette and affirmed strongly she would never go blonde again.  

When asked about the reason, the idol said her hair suffered too much damage that it freaked her out every time she took a shower: “For one, it really damages my hair and when I come out of the shower, I look like a burnt bird”.


Blonde is an attractive color; nonetheless, the price one has to pay is equally dear. Moreover, in a short period of 4 months, the idol had to come into contact with chemicals multiple, consecutive times. Therefore, it damaged her hair to the roots.


With short-term preshow care, Karina onstage came out as a beautiful blonde head. However, once she was off the stage, fans could see clearly the breakage in her hair.

Source: K14

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