Taiwanese actor Hsu Kuang Han poses beside his idol and Korean singer IU, a fan’s dream comes true 

Taiwanese actor Hsu Kuang Han became a successful fan by taking a photo with his idol, IU. 

On May 18th, IU’s official YouTube channel released a video titled “59th Baeksang Arts Awards’ Behind Film”. 

In the video, IU showed glimpses into how the singer entered the red carpet and spent time at the awards ceremony. IU won the “TikTok Popularity” Award at this year’s “Baeksang Arts Awards”. The winners were decided based on fans’ votes on April 28th.


At the same time, an encounter gained particular attention. During the awards show, IU took pictures with the Taiwanese actor Hsu Kuang Han in the waiting room. The two posed for a photo and smiled shyly.  Nonetheless, the video caption for the moment reads, “Congratulations on becoming a successful fan of IU”, drawing attention. 


Hsu Kuang Han has been publicly showing his love and adoration as a fan of IU. He gained popularity through the Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day” and, more recently, “Merry My Dead Body”. He and Korean actor Lee Je Hoon presented the “Best Director” Award at the “Baeksang Arts Awards”. 

Source: naver 

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