Go Yoon-jung to Star Opposite Kim Seon-ho in ‘Can Love Be Translated?’

Actress Go Yoon-jung continues her busy schedule

According to a Star News exclusive report on the 21st, it has been confirmed that Go Yoon-jung has been cast as the female lead, Cha Mu-hee, in the new drama “Can Love Be Translated?”

“Can Love Be Translated?” is a drama that revolves around a man with a profession as a translator who interprets love in the exact opposite way when he meets a woman who expresses love in a completely different manner, leading to a humorous and heartwarming romance.

Go Yoon-jung

The script is written by the Hong Sisters (Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran), known for works like “Hwayugi,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and “My Only Love Song,” while the direction will be helmed by director Yoo Yeong-eun, who has previously worked on dramas such as “Queen of Mystery,” “Friend Contract,” and “Red Heart.” After completing the casting process, filming for the drama is set to begin in the first half of next year.

Go Yoon-jung gained attention for her role as Jang Hee-soo in Disney+’s “Moving,” which premiered in August. In the series, she portrayed a determined and warm-hearted aspiring track and field athlete who possesses healing superpowers and wholeheartedly supports her classmate Bong-seok.

Go Yoon-jung

Following this, she is set to appear in “Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon,” which will premiere on Tving in December. “Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon” is a fantasy drama in which Lee Jae, on the brink of falling into hell, experiences 12 deaths and rebirths as a result of a judgment imposed by death.

Go Yoon-jung has already decided on her next project as well. She will join the cast of the tvN drama “Hospital Playlist” spin-off series titled “Someday, A Pleasant Major Life.” In the drama, she will portray a first-year resident in the obstetrics and gynecology department, and it is expected to air in the first half of next year.

Source: naver

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