A coffee shop part-timer once became a hot topic as she looks exactly like Park bo-young. Who is she?

Actress Park Bo-young once talked about the story of a part-timer at a coffee shop who resembles her.

There was a hot topic about a coffee shop part-time staff who looks so much like Park Bo-young. It is said that the customers who came to the coffee shop kept asking, “You really look like Park Bo-young”. The part-timer’s identity has been revealed. It was Park Bo-young herself.

park bo young

It is said that Park Bo-young often helped her brother-in-law with some tasks at his coffee shop. Appearing on a broadcast in “Boss by Chance” Season 1, the actress surprised everyone by showing off her skillful hands when doing restaurant work. At that time, Park Bo-young talked about the “coffee shop part-timer” story herself. 

park bo young

Who would ever treat his superstar sister-in-law as a part-timer? In fact, Park Bo-young said her brother-in-law loves her a lot. While communicating with fans, Park Bo-young personally revealed another story about her brother-in-law. She said that her brother-in-law went home one day bringing a standing board of Park Bo-young’s soju advertisement. Accordingly, Park Bo-young’s brother-in-law even said, “My sister-in-law is working hard outside in the cold”.

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