This Japanese female idol learned dancing from TWICE Momo when she was a student

TWICE Momo, recognized as the ‘best idol dancer’ by Park Jin Young and Bae Yoon Jung, taught this female trainee how to dance.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Fukutomi Tsuki began to dream of becoming an idol after watching performances of Girls’ Generation when she was a kid.

Fukutomi Tsuki

Apart from Girls’ Generation, Tsuki liked many Korean singers, including TWICE, SHINee, BLACKPINK, etc., so she went to auditions at various Korean entertainment agencies to pursue her K-pop idol dream.

Having both talents and visual, Tsuki drew keen attention when she was revealed as a trainee under Mystic Entertainment in 2019. Her lovely appearance caught the eyes of many K-pop fans. 

In 2020, Tsuki debuted as an exclusive magazine model in Japan. However, she later decided to focus on her trainee activities in Korea because it was impossible for her to go back and forth between Japan and Korea during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fukutomi Tsuki

Tsuki finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a K-pop idol when she was introduced as a member of the girl group Billlie in November 2021. In particular, she is in charge of the main dancer position.

After her debut, Tsuki impressed the public with her clean and powerful dance moves as the main dancer. There is actually an unexpected fact about her amazing dancing skills.

It turns out that Tsuki learned dancing from TWICE Momo, who is famous as a “dancing machine” or “dancing queen”, even before her debut with Billlie when she was still a student in Osaka.

Fukutomi Tsuki

Appearing on a radio broadcast after her debut, Tsuki shared, “I love Momo sunbaenim so much”, expressing her feelings about learning dancing from her role model Momo.

She continued, “Since we are both Japanese, I want to become a great person like her. If there’s a chance, I want to dance with her again”, captivating radio listeners with her cuteness.

Meanwhile, the versatile idol Tsuki has become a “hot icon” in the entertainment industry with outstanding performances in various fields. She recently expanded her activities, such as becoming a music show MC, a radio DJ, and appearing on numerous web entertainment programs.

Fukutomi Tsuki

In particular, Tsuki was selected as “Show Champion” MC in February this year and has been leading the program well with her stable hosting skills. She also plans to join Netflix’s upcoming variety show “Zombie Bus”, which will be released on August 8th.

After decorating the famous Japanese fashion magazine Ginza on the 12th, Tsuki is actively carrying out activities in both Japan and Korea.

Source: Daum

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