President Moon Jae In praised BTS, “I’m a BTS fan, the members are all handsome… BTS helps a lot in diplomacy”

BTS has recently been appointed as the special envoy of the Korean president Moon Jae In.


On September 14 at the Blue House, President Moon Jae In awarded BTS the certificates of appointment as “the president’s special envoy for public diplomacy and the future generations”.

After the ceremony, President Moon praised BTS: “The members are so handsome. People of our country are really handsome”. He added, “Congratulations on your recent song ‘Butter’’s reclaiming the No.1 spot on Billboard chart and your winning of 3 gold medals at the U.S MTV Music Awards. It is reported that the competition of BTS and BLACKPINK in the field of idol groups this year has proved the power of KPOP.”

President Moon gave more compliments to BTS: I’m a fan of BTS. However, first of all, I feel the most thankful to BTS because they have raised the popularity of KPOP and KPOP culture to the highest level and, therefore, raised the dignity of Korean people. Not only KPOP, but other Korean contents, such as Korean dramas, movies, games, and webtoons, are now at an all-time high in exports. This is all thanks to the leading of BTS. Thanks to you, the cosmetics export of our country has also reached its peak.

Because of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people in Korea and around the world are having a hard time. Therefore, music is the best way to help people sympathize with young people. Through the messages in music and music events, we can comfort and cheer up the young people during this time.”


President Moon continued, “As a president, I think our country receives great help in diplomacy. When I met and had a summit with foreign leaders, we always started our conversations with stories about KPOP; especially, we talked about BTS a lot. A few high-level officials admitted that they are fans of BTS. But most of them said their children and grandchildren love BTS, and they often sing and dance together. BTS is famous not only in the U.S but also in the Middle East. The leaders even asked me to invite BTS and open a KPOP night when they visit as state guests. Members of the U.N are holding a special event for SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), and they have requested that BTS should participate on behalf of young people around the world. This proves that the national prestige of South Korea has increased a lot.”

In response, BTS’s leader RM said, “It’s such an honor for us to be able to do something under the title of the president’s special envoy for public diplomacy and the future generations.”

BTS will begin their envoy activities by attending the 76th UN General Assembly in New York with President Moon Jae In next week and give a presentation on the “SDG Moment” event, which is planned to be held on September 20. A performance video of them will also be shown.

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