No more covering with tapes, TWICE’s Chaeyoung freely shows off her tattoos in new fashion pictorial 

TWICE’s Chaeyoung is attracting attention by revealing her tattoos in a fashion magazine pictorial.

Fashion magazine GQ Korea released multiple pictorial photos with TWICE’s Chaeyoung on their official Instagram account on December 22nd. 

Among the photos, Chaeyoung was wearing a halter dress and had several open tattoos on her arms and back, which drew much attention. Her bare skin is covered with cute and stylish tattoos.

Twice chaeyoung

Previously, Chaeyoung often covered her tattoos with patches, tape, and makeup during TWICE’s official activities.

This pictorial was released along with Chaeyoung’s answer to “freedom.” Chaeyoung said about freedom, “I think it’s the freedom of the mind. Of course, it’s important to do what you want to do.” 

Twice chaeyoung

She continued, “Don’t people say, ‘If I go to Hawaii and live, I will be really happy and free’. However, if you are anxious, it will be the same whether it is Korea or Hawaii. I often think that I should feel free to do anything and choose only when my mind feels free and stable.”

Chaeyoung’s pictorial and full interview can be found in the January 2023 issue of GQ Korea.

According to JYP Entertainment on November 24th, TWICE has recently recorded a cumulative sales of 10,017,788 copies of 19 albums released in Korea, from their debut album ‘THE STORY BEGINS’ in October 2015, to Nayeon’s 1st solo mini album ‘IM NAYEON’, and the latest and 11th mini album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’.

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TWICE also recorded a career high with their 11th mini album released in August of this year. The album exceeded 1 million cumulative shipments based on the Circle chart. The MV for the title song ‘Talk that Talk’ exceeded 100 million views on YouTube on November 3rd. .


TWICE broke the record of having the most MVs with more than 100 million views among female groups around the world, with a total of 21 MVs, including all 17 Korean songs, 3 Japanese songs, and the first English single “The Feels.”

Source: Wikitree

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