[Exclusive] Lee Junho x Lim Yoon-ah, going to Thailand to film “King the Land”…The most anticipated series of the year

Actors Lee Joon-ho and Lim Yoon-ah will continue filming “King the Land” in Thailand.

According to Joy News 24 on the 26th, Lee Joon-ho and Lim Yoon-ah will leave for Thailand on the 27th to film JTBC’s new drama “King the Land” (directed by Lim Hyun-wook and written by Choi Rom).

Previously, “King the Land” focused on capturing the beautiful landscapes in Korea, including Jeju Island. For this trip to Thailand, the crew and cast aim to catch the perfect visual combination of the actor and actress as well as the high-quality story between the characters in the exotic atmosphere of Thailand.


“King the Land” tells the story of meeting between Cheon Sa-rang (Lim Yoon-ah), a hotelier who always puts on a bright smile despite the condition, and Goo-won (Lee Joon-ho), a chaebol heir of The King Group, a luxury hotel conglomerate, who can’t stand a fake smile. 

Lee Joon-ho’s character is one of charm, brains and dignity, yet he lacks only sense of love. Lim Yoon-ah’s character is one with a smile that can brighten the world. She works at the King Hotel, the place that gave her the happiest childhood memories.

King the Land

“King the Land” is considered JTBC’s most anticipated TV series of this year because of Lee Joon-ho’s and Lim Yoon-ah’s previous performances (“The Red Sleeve” and “Big Mouth” respectively.) 

“King the Land” is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023.

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