ITZY’s Yuna: A Gen Z idol with both impressive visual and talent but still gets “ignored” by JYP

Despite her mesmerizing appearance and outstanding talent, ITZY’s Yuna is still not JYP’s favorite.

Yuna’s real name is Shin Yuna, she was born in 2003 and is the youngest member of the popular girl group ITZY. Yuna often showcases her stable vocals and charming stage presence in every performance. However, after more than 2 years of working in the industry, ITZY’s youngest member is still not taken good care of by JYP during the groups’ comebacks. This has made fans feel sorry for Yuna.

Ending up choosing the idol career by chance 

Few people know that Yuna never thought about becoming an idol before. The youngest member of ITZY revealed that she was approached by JYP staff and invited to audition while attending a year-end music awards. Because of her outstanding visual and inherent talent, she quickly caught the eye of the big agency.

Yuna didn’t plan to become an idol when she was younger

After 3 years as a trainee, Yuna officially debuted in the 5-member lineup of ITZY with the single album “IT’z Different”. Soon after debuting, ITZY managed to attract the attention of many Korean fans. Although the 5 girls’ music constantly receives mixed reactions from netizens, ITZY is still considered the top 4th generation Kpop girl group thanks to their charisma and talent.

ITZY SQ scaled
Yuna officially debuted in the 5-member girl group ITZY with the single album IT’z Different

Excellent appearance, worthy of the title “New generation’s visual goddess”

Following in the footsteps of JYP’s top visuals such as Suzy or TWICE’s Tzuyu, ITZY’s Yuna is adored by fans thanks to her youthful and energetic appearance.  JYP’s “Gen Z’s goddess” has big round eyes, a pretty smile, and a bright and refreshing aura that radiates positive energy to viewers.

Since the very beginning of her debut, Yuna’s bright smile and legendary Ariel-like red hair has quickly made Korean netizens fall for her. This iconic look was what helped Yuna, a barely known rookie back then, enter the top search. Her fancam also gained millions of views.

Yuna’s bright smile and iconic look with red hair quickly captured the hearts of Korean netizens

Yuna showcases her visual and charm every time she appears. Most recently, her gorgeous fairy ending moment on the LOCO comeback stage on September 24 has captured the hearts of many viewers with her beautiful and outstanding look.

Her lovely fairy ending moment on the LOCO stage made many viewers “fall in love”

Ideal body proportion 

Not only does she stand out for her lovely visuals, the 2003-born female idol also often receives many compliments for her physique. Yuna has an impressive height of 1m70 with a well-proportioned body.  Because of that, every time she appears on stage, ITZY’s maknae always makes the viewers admire her long skinny legs and perfect body.

In particular, when the stylists make her wear tight-fitting outfits, combined with sharp choreography, Yuna’s ideal body proportion is highlighted even more.  Although she is only 18 years old, Yuna’s beauty has soon blossomed and her captivating body figure has surprised many fans. She will definitely become even more famous in the future with her current outstanding visual and body.

itzy yuna
Although she is only 18 years old, Yuna has already bloomed in visuals, showing off her amazing figure

Having many talents but still “ignored” by JYP

With her born talents, Yuna quickly catches the eyes of the public thanks to her bright, stable voice and excellent dancing skills. Although she is not ITZY’s main vocalist or main dancer, she still manages to prove that she is a well-rounded idol.

Yuna showed off her bright, steady vocals on stage

ITZY always amazes the public with strong, decisive dance moves through difficult choreography. However, apparently, the group’s choreography is not a challenge for Yuna. With good physical strength, confidence and professionalism on stage, the 18-year-old member of ITZY always makes viewers satisfied with her performances.

itzy yuna
The 18-year-old female idol always makes viewers satisfied with her performances

However, after 2 years of debut, ITZY still can’t get rid of the label “Yeji and friends” when most songs of the group are claimed to show JYP’s favoritism towards Yeji. This is also understandable because Yeji has attracted a large number of fans even before her debut. She is also known for her exceptional talent and aura that makes her stand out more than the other members. Besides Yeji, viewers notice that ITZY’s center Ryujin is also a member who is often “pushed” by JYP.

However, fans still regret Yuna’s potential and stunning visuals because she is no less outstanding than her fellow members. In most of ITZY’s products, she does not contribute many singing lines, or much screen time, and the center position on the stage does not belong to Yuna.

Fans feel sorry for Yuna’s potential and outstanding visuals

Despite being the “face” of the group, in all of ITZY’s posters so far, Yuna’s position is always on the side, instead of the center. Many netizens wonder if JYP forgot that this gorgeous maknae is the group’s visual?

From their debut song…

Besides, although she is commented to have a bright and unique voice color, she is still not given much spotlight by JYP during performances. Mafia In The Morning is a rare song where ITZY’s maknae has the opportunity to showcase her talent when having more singing parts than the “ace” Yeji.

itzy yuna
Mafia In The Morning is a rare song that Yuna can show her talent

JYP was thought to begin to pay attention to the fans’ feedback, but recently, in the song LOCO released on September 24, Yuna continued to suffer from being the “underdog”, making fans complain non-stop.

Despite successfully showing off her visuals in LOCO MV, Yuna’s voice can barely be heard. While Yeji sings and raps for up to 48.6 seconds with a screen time of more than 2 minutes, Yuna ranks the lowest in the line distribution with only 15.6 seconds. This huge difference once again makes netizens complain because JYP is wasting Yuna’s talent.

itzy yuna
Despite managing to show off her visuals in this MV, her voice seems to “disappear”

ITZY’s latest title track is also considered to be unsuccessful on digital music charts. The choreography also disappoints most viewers when compared to previous songs. The group’s stage outfits spark many controversies. ITZY constantly has to wear tasteless outfits that are too short and inappropriate for their age.

itzy yuna
The Gen Z female group constantly has to wear terrible outfits picked out by their stylists

When the public is already used to seeing Yeji and Ryujin in the center position, fans hope that JYP will bring a “new breeze” by letting Yuna take over this position and give her the opportunity to shine and show off her vocals more in upcoming releases. With her stunning visuals and charisma, ITZY’s maknae will certainly not disappoint.

Source: K14

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