Finally… “This person” gets to meet 8 members of Girls’ Generation as a group

Girls’ Generation is preparing for their full-fledged activities.

Joy News 24 reported on Jun 30th that Girls’ Generation recently confirmed their appearance on SBS web entertainment show “MMTG.” The filming date has not been decided in detail, but it will proceed soon. Each member’s agency has reportedly agreed to the members’ appearance and is currently in the last-minute coordination stage.


Jae-jae, who is the MC of “MMTG,” is also a famous SONE, which means Girls’ Generation fan. In the meantime, Jae-jae has personally met members such as Hyo-yeon, Tiffany, Tae-yeon, Yoon-ah, and Yuri on her show “MMTG” and entertainment contents to prove her fan heart. In particular, one YouTube channel even collected scenes of Jae-jae referring to Girls’ Generation to reveal her wish of inviting them to her show as a group.

When the news got out that Jae-jae and Girls’ Generation will finally meet, online community theqoo users responded, “Jae-jae is really a successful fan,” “Congratulations Jae-jae,” “This will definitely be fun,” “Jae-jae will be like a fish in the water soon,” “I can already see an excited Jae-jae,” “I’m excited for this episode,” and “She is finally meeting all 8 of them.”


Girls’ Generation announced their comeback in August to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut. This is their first comeback in about five years since their sixth full album “Holiday Night” in 2017.


Source: wikitree

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