Han So-hee, “Piercings, Smoking, Tatoos, It’s All Me”

Actress Han So-hee is attracting a lot of attention for revealing her face piercings.

On September 25th, Han So-hee revealed her piercings to fans through a live broadcast. She had three piercings on her lips and two under her eyes. The actress even showed the inside of her lips and proved that she actually did it.

han so hee

Fans showed explosive interest in this dramatic transformation and poured out questions about her piercings. Asked about the pain, Han So-hee said, “People say the degree of pain varies from person to person, but I have thin skin. It hurt when I pierced my lips. It didn’t hurt when I pierced my cheeks,” she said.

In response to fans’ concerns about her image as an actress, Han So-hee said, “I can do the piercing and take it out when it’s time to work again. I did it because I’ve never done it before. If piercing helps with my work, I’m also thinking about not taking it out,” showing that she didn’t worry about the scar being left.

In August, the actress drew attention with tattoos covering her upper body. As the public grew curious about whether she actually had a tattoo, Han So-hee said she had a one-time sticker tattoo. Regarding the reason for the sudden transformation, she shared, “There is no specific reason. I just thought about what I could do to relieve stress while resting, so I did (get a sticker tattoo).”

As Han So-hee gradually increased her popularity with works such as “The World of the Married,” “100 Days My Prince,” and “My Name,” her past photos also surfaced. A photo of her smoking before her debut became controversial online.

Han So-hee

In an interview with a media outlet in 2020, she responded to the past photo controversy, saying, “I was who I was then, and I am who I am now,” adding, “At that time, my thoughts then were not much different from now.” “Working creates restrictions on my original life,” she added, “That’s why I’m just complete now,” giving a “cool” response.

Han So-hee also said, “It’s funny to describe it as the past. The photos were only three to four years ago. I’m fine. Even so, female fans really liked it. I’m grateful.”

In fact, smoking is an personal option and tattoos and piercings are just means of self-expression. In addition, the tattoo was done by Han So-hee when she was a normal person, and it is known that all tattoos have now been removed.

Source: TV Report

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