Kim So Yeon Reveals She Was Attacked by Fans of a Popular Idol Group

Kim So Yeon appeared as a guest on the May 3 broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block.”

During the show, Kim So Yeon said, “I filmed a comedy skit with a popular idol group at the time. There was a scene where they lifted me up on their shoulders, and after the show aired, it caused a huge commotion.” 


Kim So Yeon went on to reveal that she had been targeted by extreme fans who vandalized her apartment building’s playground and elevator with graffiti that read “Kim So Yeon, die” and “B****.” Her mother had to clean it up every time.

Kim So Yeon also shared, “At that time, the movie ‘Change’ was released, and I and Jo Jang Hyuk went on stage to sing the OST. But unfortunately, that idol group was also performing on the same stage.” 


She added, “When the fans in the audience saw me, they all shouted ‘Get lost’ at once. Although I sang confidently, it was very upsetting for me at the time.”

Upon hearing this, Yoo Jae Suk comforted her, saying, “Those fans have grown up now, and they will regret their behavior and think ‘Why did I do that?’

Source: nate. 

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