Amid lawsuit, Goo Hye Sun reveals excellent academic results of placing within top 10%

On July 3rd, Goo Hye Sun posted on her SNS account, saying “I’ve successfully completed the requirements for graduation, which include 57 hours of social service, 60 hours of overseas learning, and 90 hours of extracurricular activities (with patent application)”, announcing that she is about to graduate.

Revealing her report card, Goo Hye Sun said, “With an average GPA of 4.25, I placed within the top 10% of the undergraduate program (within the top 5% of my major). If I try a little harder, I may be able to graduate with the best scores, which is my goal this year”

goo hye sun

She added, “I will do my best to stay focused until the end so that my mind won’t be shaken by difficulties and graduate with the best result! I must win this”

On the report card she publicized, the actress achieved high scores throughout the entire semester and was included in the top 10% with scores higher than the average GPA of the undergraduate program.

After graduating from the Department of Imaging at Sungkyunkwan University, Goo Hye Sun officially announced her return to school after her divorce. She has been doing her best in school from 2020 until recently.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun recently lost in the lawsuit against her former agency HB Entertainment over unpaid appearance fees.

goo hye sun

At that time, Goo Hye Sun sued her former agency to claim a compensation of 170 million won for damages, citing profits from unpaid appearances in YouTube videos and asserting copyright ownership over the videos. However, on June 18th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 63 rejected all of her claims, saying “There is no evidence to support these claims.”

In response, Goo Hye Sun’s side expressed their intention to appeal the first-instance ruling, while HB Entertainment stated, “We can no longer overlook the fact that all the false information and false reports by Goo Hye Sun, which distort and deny even the court’s judgment, is interfering with the company’s operation, and seriously damaging our reputation. We will proceed with legal procedures regarding all of Goo Hye Sun’s false disclosures and reports.”

Source: Nate

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