The first Kpop female idol going on the encore stage with bare face: Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s real visual caught attention

Despite the bright stage lighting that could easily “downgrade” the visual, Jennie went on stage with her bare face yet still looked pretty.

 After more than a week of release and gaining massive attention globally, the song “How You Like That” also helped BLACKPINK win their first trophy on the Korean music show yesterday. The last time the group got a music show win was December 2018, so BLACKPINK had a cheerful encore stage after winning.

 The girls were constantly acting cute, sending hearts to their fans and expressing happiness when they haven’t had a music show win for a long time. Because the stage was pre-recorded, the girls only came to receive the trophy and have an encore stage. Notably, Jennie caught attention when she was bare faced on stage, but not many people realized this until a netizen posted about it online. The female idol still looked extremely pretty and shining. Jennie is the first idol to bravely show up on stage with a bare face.

Seeing this “once-in-a-lifetime” encore, fans can’t help but feel excited and admiring Jennie’s gorgeous visual.  In fact, the stage lighting is very strong and can completely erase the features and depth of the face, so idols always put on heavy make up if they do not want to look “worn out” in photos.

 Although Jennie did not wear makeup, the female idol’s facial features still looked very clear and fresh, so her visual in real life must be even more stunning.

 No need to go on stage, in real life also Jennie often shows her bare face. Despite being the top fashion icon, starting many makeup trends all over the world, Jennie’s bare face looks extremely cute, youthful, and matches her age.

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