Han Seohee again makes a controversy and even gets V (BTS) involved, what’s her real motive?

Han Seohee makes K-pop fans anxious with her troublesomeness and getting unrelated people involved.

The marijuana scandal of T.O.P (Big Bang) and the female trainee Han Seohee has become a controversial subject among the K-pop fans. While T.O.P is seriously self-criticizing and fulfilling his military service, Han Seohee just keeps causing troubles. Her name has been put on the “black list” of the Korean netizens as one of the people that everyone wants to stay away from.

Han Seo Hee and T.O.P have been sentenced for using illegal marijuana

Recently, Han Seohee again shocked the K-pop fans with the revelation of her unintentional meeting with V (BTS) at a night club when they were only 19 years old. Han Seohee‘s controversial revelation has angered the ARMYs and they said that she was just lying to get noticed by the media.

Earlier, Han Seo Hee admitted that she’s always craving for public attention. She can go looking up her own name on the internet hundreds of times a day and gets very content with it, even when all the articles about her are negative news. After all, the netizens have to make a big question: What is happening to Han Seo Hee?

Till now, what has Han Seohee done?

Han Seo Hee was introduced as a trainee of an entertainment company. She also stated that she would debut in a girlgroup in early 2018. However, until now, Han Seohee hasn’t officially debuted yet even after half a year.

One year after the marijuana scandal, Han Seo Hee still has not yet made her place in the idol industry.

She hasn’t even been active as an artist ever. Instead, Han Seohee is only associated with such bad names as “addict“, “T.O.P’s ex-girlfriend“, “crazy feminist” and lately V-related incident.

It’s easy to see how popular Han Seohee is. She continues making livestreams on her SNS and giving shocking statements, showing off her relationships with famous idols, discriminating transsexuals, publicly hating EXO‘s fandom, etc…

Han Seohee claimed that EXO-L was the fandom she hated the most.

After all those incidents, Han Seohee’s name keeps appearing on the newspapers and makes people interested in the news about her, even when their reaction was all negative.

A new scenario is now made when the old scandal is not hot anymore?

It can be seen that the scandal between Han Seohee and T.O.P is slowly cooling down. Recently, she posted a picture as an anniversary of the incident. In the photo, Han Seohee is being handcuffed by police. It seems that she didn’t consider it as a shameful memory as many people have thought.

In a country which has a big and vibrant entertainment industry like Korea, one year is a long period of time, at least it’s long enough to make people no longer interested in Han Seohee. Many K-pop fans think that Han Seohee is aware of it and trying to get the spotlight back to her again. Before officially debuting, Han Seohee has to keep the interest of netizens on her.

Han Seohee’s old scandal is slowly cooling down.

V (BTS) would not be dragged into her story with no reason. Currently, V and the other 6 members of BTS are the super-famous idols. BTS is the hottest topic in K-pop at the moment. If Han Seohee could make it to the news together with one of the BTS members, she would definitely get the attention she wants. Just as what she had said before: “The more attention I get, the more happy I feel“.

What if Han Seohee is using V to get attention?

How will it end for a girl who’s crazy about fame?

Korean netizens think that Han Seohee was no longer the trainee who was foolishly smoking marijuana with T.O.P but now she’s representing a group of young people with dissolute lifestyles and distorted perception about fame.

Despite her family’s reputable background and her own talented base, Han Seohee has made herself as a bad example for young people. As a result, the fame coming from scandals and controversial statements can not last long. If Han Seohee keeps making untrue rumors, she will probably have to face her punishment in the future.

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