(G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM, came back on the same day with different messages of “I”

With (G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM making their comeback side by side, both groups won the hearts of listeners with their stronger appearance.

On Oct 18th, (G)I-DLE released their fifth mini-album “l love” and LE SSERAFIM released their second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” through various music sites.

In particular, after the official release, both (G)I-DLE’s new album title song “Nxde” and LE SSERAFIM’s new album title song “ANTIFRAGILE” topped all the major music sites. In addition, the two teams’ bold messages are receiving a lot of attention.

Earlier, (G)I-DLE talked about their “Me” charm with “Tomboy” and swept the music charts with their hip and chic fashion as well as confident messages and addictive music. This time, (G)I-DLE threw another bold message with “Nxde.”

In “I love,” (G)I-DLE expresses how “I” should exist as “I” themselves only, not as someone others want them to be. The album contains their strong determination to throw off the pretense that they don’t want and show their true self. Among the tracks, “Nxde” showed their bold attitude toward the obscene gaze on ‘nude‘. In the process of showing their original self honestly, they sarcastically looked at the obscene gaze on them and even fired a refreshing shot with the lyrics, “You are the pervert here.” The music video also attracted attention with its bold and fresh production.

gi-dle i love

After the ordeal of Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal, who had been embroiled in controversy over school violence, LE SSERAFIM is like a tiger with added wings. they showed their confident attitude against all hardship with “ANTIFRAGILE.” The lyrics, “Don’t forget the toe shoes I left behind, what else do you need to say? / Don’t ignore the career I’ve walked on,” revealed their growth step by step, but also showed their stronger appearance against the ordeal. It clearly imprinted on the listeners that the girls are pioneering their own path.

Le Sserafim antifragile

This solidity is also revealed in their music videos and performances. In the music video, LE SSERAFIM, who continues to walk their path without blinking even when an asteroid is approaching, figuratively shows the members’ solid growth and pioneering their own path. In addition, they showcase their appearance and inner strength through the muscle cat choreography, which plays a special role in adding the charm of “ANTIFRAGILE.”

(G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM made a comeback side by side this time. No matter if they will be able to laugh together on the music chart, both groups have succeeded in winning the hearts of listeners at the same time by firmly conveying the message of “I” and their solid growth, respectively. Part of this success lies in the audiences’ interest in not only the addictive melodies and intense performances, but also in their messages. As a result, they are ranking at the top of the music charts with their digital sales, and their bold messages are receiving a lot of attention on SNS and online communities.

Source: daum

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