Fans are moved by Park Bom’s gorgeous comeback MV featuring Dara: my entire youth is there!

After many years of staying away from the stage, Park Bom has finally returned to her fans!

In the afternoon of March 13th, after a long time of waiting, Park Bom officially came back with “SPRING”. Especially, the MV was featured by Dara which makes 2NE1’s fans cried happy tears seeing the 2 talented girls back together after many years.
Park Bom (ft. Dara) – “SPRING” MV

SPRING” is Park Bom’s first solo track after 8 years. The genre is pop with a catchy tune and a spring image through out the song which represents many meanings.

Park Bom is gorgeous in the new MV.

Netizens are all in awe with Park Bom and Dara’s beauty. The collaboration of the 2NE1’s members reminds people of their golden time in the past.

Fans are moved when Park Bom and Dara appeared together.
Dara didn’t even hesitate to help her sister out.

Park Bom will bring “SPRING” onto the stahe at Mnet on March 14th. However, it’s a shame that Dara won’t be able to join her for the promotion.

Source: kenh14

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