Han Ga In, “From depression due to mysterious concept to childcare burnout, I overcame them thanks to variety shows”

Han Ga In expressed her affection for entertainment programs.

The broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star” on January 11th featured Han Ga In, Jae Jae, Jung Eun Ji and Ahn Yu Jin as guests.

During the show, Han Ga In said, “I was a little busy doing different variety shows in 2022”. She added, “The filmings were really interesting and helpful. As I tried it, I found it extremely cost-effective”, drawing laughter.

Han Ga In

Han Ga In shared, “It’s not easy to shoot dramas while raising children. It’s nice doing a variety show once every two weeks like this”, adding “I can talk a lot, too”.

Han Ga In said, “If you look at the title of articles, they’re quite provocative. It’s actually not interesting to just say things like ‘My husband and I are happy’. I have a great desire to be funny”. She added, “I’m ESTJ and I belong to the Kims from Andong”, revealing her common thing with Kim Gu Ra

The actress continued, “He has the same tendency as me, so I think we would be catastrophic or get along very well”. In response, Kim Gu Ra said, “One catastrophe is enough in my life. Anyway, it’s so nice to see you”, drawing laughter.

Ahn Yu Jin also revealed the busy schedule that forced her to go back and forth between Thailand and Korea, saying “I recently went abroad a lot, for IVE activities and for the filming of the variety show ‘Earth Arcade’.” She added, “I heard my fans say parents like you a lot”. Han Ga In responded, “I get that feeling when I look at my mother. ‘I wish my daughter would grow up like that’.”

Ahn Yu Jin continued, “I heard my name was mentioned among 5 idols that Korean parents praise for being pretty. I like that”.

Han Gai In drew attention when she said, “I work once every 2-3 years. There was a time when I was less free to express myself on entertainment shows compared to now”, adding “I think I was mentally depressed due to the busy schedule. I don’t think I was happy at that time. After getting married and raising children, I felt something like a burnout. Then I confessed them all on entertainment shows and met many people so I became lively again”.

Source: Daum

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