Stacey Wu (Kris Wu’s mother) first appeared after her son was arrested.

Besides Kris Wu, the male singer’s mother – Mrs. Stacey Wu – is also an equally attention-grabbing character after her son’s shocking scandal broke out.

On the evening of August 16, the People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District (Beijing) approved an official order to arrest the suspect Wu Yifan. The lawyer said if the suspect was arrested, it meant that the specialized agency had solid evidence that the accused has committed a crime and didn’t meet the conditions to be released on bail pending trial.

Meanwhile, the Huihuo site reported that the Chinese paparazzi had captured the image of Kris Wu‘s mother – Mrs. Stacey Wu – first revealed amid the scandal that her son was arrested because of scandals. Stacey’s attitude toward the incident has received the attention of netizens.

kris wu mother stacey wu
kris wu mother stacey wu

Mrs. Stacey was later spotted appearing outside the building. Kris Wu’s mother constantly looked at the phone in her hand, quietly walking.

It can be said that Kris Wu’s mother was an important link in this case. She was the one who accidentally pushed her son into prison when she reported to the police of being blackmailed by Du Meizhu. She could never have thought that the police would decide to investigate further about the male singer. As a result, a series of scandals and shocking details were continuously shared, and the matter became more and more exposed.

kris wu mother stacey wu

Meanwhile, the China Association of Performing Arts recently published a new statement denouncing Wu Yifan’s unscrupulous behavior. According to this statement, the male singer’s case had served as an unequivocal warning to artists that they must enhance their awareness of the law and ethical norms as public figures. It also affirmed that Wu Yifan, a well-known star with a big fan base, had violated the law, which resulted in serious and irreversible societal consequences.

The male singer’s behavior is unacceptable in the entertainment industry. According to the statement, after serving a sentence under the law, Kris Wu would face discipline and ostracism.

This is the document that issued the second ban on Wu Yifan. Kris Wu is the first artist in history to get up to two warrants banning him from engaging in any form of entertainment.

In addition, Du Meizhu was spotted pressing the like button on an article related to the arrest of Wu Yifan posted on The People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District’s Weibo account. Du Meizhu also rushed straight to a chatroom to express her delight: “Finally… I want to convey my gratitude to the Chaoyang police. Thank you very much; we’re OK.” It is clear that Kris Wu’s ex-girlfriend has been keeping a careful eye on the incident’s progress.

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