Super Junior’s Heechul thinks that Karina (aespa) looks like a character from a horror comic

Heechul was shown aespa’s debut MV by Lee Soo Man, but when he looked at Karina, he immediately thought of the cult character in a horror comic.

aepsa is the first girl group under SM Entertainment after 6 years, so the other artists in the company are especially interested in them.  Recently, Heechul (Super Junior) shared that: “When aespa debuted, LSM sent their MV to all of us since we have to monitor it.”

Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)

Heechul said that after watching the MV Black Mamba, he realized that Karina was very similar to Tomie – a character in the famous Japanese horror manga.  The center of aepsa and this character have long black hair, similar facial features, and a cold, ghostly aura.

Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)

So Heechul told Lee Soo Man: “Hey, someone in aespa looks like Tomie”. Then Lee Soo Man replied: “Really? Who?”. Then the Super Junior member said that they started to discuss with each other.

Tomie is a Japanese horror film series based on Junji Ito’s manga of the same name. The series focuses on the titular Tomie Kawakami, a beautiful young girl identified by a mole under her left eye, who drives her stricken admirers to madness, often resulting in her own death. However, due to her ability of regeneration, she comes back to life to terrorize her killers.

Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)

Heechul was not the first to discover a similarity between Karina and Tomie.  Previously, many netizens compared the famous female idol and that horror character, even stitched their photos together, and was surprised that Karina was no different from Tomie, except for her mole.  Many people thought that the center of aespa should try to act in horror movies.

Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)
Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)
Super Junior's Heechul Karina (aespa)

On the other hand, netizens are also surprised by the close relationship between SM members.  Heechul was one of the people who saw aespa’s first MV before the group’s debut, which shows that Lee Soo Man trusts and values ​​him.  The founder of SM also wanted artists in the company to evaluate the debut of the junior group.

Netizens comment:

-I agree! I’ve always thought she looked like Tomie

– They look alike from the eye to nose to lips, and the mole.

– Karina with bangs will look more like Tomie.

 – Heechul even said that when the MV was finished, Lee Soo Man sent it all to the artists, and then told them to watch the maknaes.

Sources: kenh14

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