Bang Min-ah’s sister confesses, “I was so upset with my family during the time I was in a girl group… I feel liberated now”

Girl’s Day Bang Min-ah appeared on “DNA Mate” together with her sister.

Bang Min-ah and her sister Bang Hyun-ah, who are two years apart, drew attention as they appeared together for the first time on the broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “DNA Mate”, which aired on the evening of May 17th.

Bang Min-ah revealed that she personally applied to appear on the show because she does not often talk to her sister. Unlike her younger sister, Bang Hyun-ah is quite reserved and does not talk much. Bang Min-ah felt disappointed because of her sister, who did not even answer her questions.

Bang Hyun-ah

Therefore, Bang Min-ah secretly booked a cable car. She confessed, “It takes 30 minutes to go from this side to the other side of the lake by cable car. I prepared this because I thought we could have a deep conversation when two of us are left alone together”.

Bang Hyun-ah

In the end, the two had a sincere conversation inside the cable car. Bang Min-ah initiated their conversation, saying, “Unnie, you don’t like serious talks, right? I could see that you are quite shy with it. That’s why I prepared a questionnaire”.

Bang Hyun-ah

Bang Hyun-ah was shocked by her sister’s sudden suggestion, saying, “Why are you asking questions in this situation?”. However, Bang Min-ah asked the first question, “Why didn’t you answer my question when we were in the car?”. Bang Hyun-ah gave a short answer – “I was thinking”.

Bang Min-ah continued to ask about other things. She said, “So how have you been these days?”. Bang Hyun-ah only said “Pass”. When Bang Min-ah wondered, “Is that question too difficult to answer?”, her sister replied briefly, “No, but… I have nothing to say”.

Bang Hyun-ah

Bang Min-ah began to feel disappointed and then asked another question, “Why didn’t you tell me about your company?”. Bang Hyun-ah said she does not talk to anyone about her work. She added, “I often relieve my stress by having a drink. Then I go to bed early, and another day will come.”

Bang Hyun-ah

In particular, Bang Hyun-ah confessed that she was upset with their family when she was active in her group. As soon as Bang Min-ah asked, “Honestly speaking, have there been any time that you were upset with me and our family?”, Bang Hyun-ah said, “How can there be none?”. She continued, “Mom and dad never set my group’s songs as their phone ringtone but they changed it every time your group released a song”. Upon hearing this, Bang Min-ah said she was sorry for not realizing it because she was too busy. “It’s fine now”, Bang Hyun-ah responded.

Bang Hyun-ah

Next, Bang Min-ah asked how her sister felt when she quit her girl group activities. Bang Hyun-ah answered without hesitation, “Liberation”. Regarding the reason, she said, “I felt so good not having to weigh myself often”. Bang Min-ah got emotional hearing her sister’s inner feelings for the first time.

Bang Hyun-ah

In the interview that followed, Bang Min-ah said, “I think it has become a little more difficult for us to communicate since my sister changed her job. What my sister previously shared with me is enough. It was nice to be able to hear what she was thinking. I’m happy to appear on this show with her”. Bang Hyun-ah also expressed her gratitude toward her little sister, saying, “I thought my younger sister would understand how I felt even if I didn’t tell her anything, but it was just my own delusion. I feel so touched since she reached out to me and initiated the talk first.”

Source: Daum

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