The youngest member of TWICE received stream of praises for her creative Instagram handle

TWICE’s Tzuyu became the talk of town just with her newly-opened Instagram account. 

7 years in the industry yet the Kpop girl group TWICE is still going strong, and remains among the top female Kpop artists in the industry. Therefore, fans of the group all beg for JYP to let the members open their own Instagram accounts so they can see more snippets of TWICE. 


Finally, on May 17th, TWICE’s personal Instagrams became a thing, after years of 9 members sharing one group account. 

Personal Instagram handles of TWICE.

Alongside the members’ first photos, people also pay attention to their Instagram handles. And among the nine gorgeous idols, Tzuyu is praised for having the most creative Instagram name. Normally, the youngest member of TWICE is rather quiet and not exactly humorous, so fans are pleasantly surprised to see Tzuyu’s handle being the best of the bunch.

Tzuyu – the youngest member of TWICE

In particular, Tzuyu’s handle is @thinkaboutzu, with the “tzu” part both short for “Tzuyu” and sounds like “you”. Therefore, the idol’s Instagram means both “think about Tzuyu” and “think about you” – like idols and fans always thinking about each other. 

Tzuyu’s Instagram handle is @thinkaboutzu

Alongside Tzuyu, other members also have fun with their Instagram. A prime example is TWICE’s main dancer Momo, who put her own name as the handle – which is super simple yet iconic. 

Momo’s Instagram is just… @momo
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