After ITZY Yuna, IVE Jang Won-young makes netizens worried with her too-skinny body shape

While ITZY Yuna’s body shape that reveals her ribs is causing regret for netizens, IVE Jang Won-young’s skinny body is also attracting attention.

Recently, articles related to Jang Won-young‘s skinny body have been posted on various online communities. As Yuna‘s body shape is drawing attention, it seems that Jang Won-young‘s body shape is also being summoned.

Jang Won-young

Jang Won-young is as skinny as Yuna. She boasts clear 11-shaped abs as well as a slim waist that reveals her ribs. Her square shoulders, thin forearms, and skinny legs are a bonus. However, some people are looking at them with a pitiful look. Jang Won-young is 17 years old this year. The opinion is that they are on an excessive diet to continue their girl group activities at a young age.

Jang Won-young
Jang Won-young

Earlier, Yuna’s body shape which reveals her ribs became a hot topic in various online communities. In the photos, Yuna was performing an intense choreography on the music show stage. What drew attention was her skinny body which revealed the shape of her ribs.


Netizens showed reactions such as “I think she’s too skinny”, “She’s on an excessive diet, isn’t she?”, “It’s hard to live as a girl group member” and “I hope she eats well.”

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