Brave Girls is losing their hard-earned fame due to incapable agency 

The inadequate experience of Brave Girls’ agency may be to blame for the group’s dwindling fame. 

Korean media and netizens all agree that Brave Entertainment has made a waste of Brave Girls hard-earned fame. In particular, the agency is currently under fire for being cheap and not investing in their idols. 

Brave Girls

Among the highly-competitive Kpop industry, Brave Girls experienced a magical revival. The group was on the edge of disband in 2021, before their song “Rollin’” suddenly climbed to the top of musical charts, and basically got the group’s name across Korea. Taking advantage of this once-in-a-life-time opportunity, Brave Girls made multiple comebacks back-to-back, which in hindsight, was a bad decision. Soon, it was obvious that beside the hit “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, all new songs of the group didn’t manage to make any impact and were even said to be outdated. 

Thanks to “Rollin’”, Brave Girls became top stars, only to risk losing it all again because of their company.

Recently, Brave Girls decided to participate in “Queendom 2” with the hope of once again reviving their popularity, only to constantly rank last. According to Korean media, the group themselves were not at fault, and everything was due to their company’s irrational decisions. 

Queendom 2

SBS Entertainment News pointed out that Brave Girls’ stages were lacking compared to other contestants in terms of styling, choreography, as well as investment. The girls were put in unfitting clothes, their stage design was too simple, their songs weren’t re-arranged, and so the last place could be expected. And this is not the first time Brave Girls got criticized due to their agency either,  as just months earlier, Brave Entertainment received the ire of fans for selling low-quality or even faulty goods. The company also had scheduling issues, causing problems for their idols at an international event in Dubai. 

brave girls
Brave Girls’ stage on “Queendom 2” are said to be lacking compared to their competitors. 

Finally, fans also can’t help but complain about Brave Girls’ outfits in their MVs as well as “Queendom 2” stages, having found these clothes “wacky”, “outdated”, and plain “hideous”. According to them, Brave Girls is not receiving investments worthy of the profits they bring, despite all of the girls earning various commercial deals and event invitations. Some even lamented that Brave Entertainment needed to focus on their artists, instead of useless NFT projects

Brave Girls’ stage outfits stirred up quite the controversy. 

Unfortunately, despite numerous criticisms from fans, Brave Entertainment made no move to change, resulting in Brave Girls losing their hard-earned relevance. It seems that the biggest rock on the group’s path is none other than their own company. 

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