ITZY Yuna’s shockingly skinny ribs exposed on stage sparked great controversy

The skinny appearance of ITZY’s Yuna is recently the talk of the town

Recently, performance photos of ITZY’s Yuna started spreading on Twitter and gained much attention. The photos show Yuna wearing a fitted crop top and shorts while dancing on stage at ITZY’s recent 1st in-person fan meeting held in Seoul on April 9th.

What’s most noticeable is Yuna’s ribs popping out in the photos. As her cervical spine was also visible, fans are raising concerns that Yuna might be going on an excessive diet that could affect her health. 


Other stage photos of Yuna during the same schedule also reveal her skinny figure, making fans not only surprised but also worried about her body state. Korean and foreign fans alike are having the same reactions.


Yuna is famous as an idol with a beautiful body. The 19-year-old female idol has a height of 1m72, a slim and attractive body. In particular, the ant waist of Yuna has caused a stir on social networks because it is so perfect and toned. Just a week ago, Yuna became a hot topic by showing off her incredibly tiny ‘ant’ waist in mirror selfies posted on ITZY’s Instagram.


In December 2021, the female idol revealed that she is 1m72 tall and weighs 46.8kg – too much less than the standard weight. A series of moments when Yuna revealed her thin ribs on stage made fans worried. The female idol’s ribs are even more exposed when she wears a short crop top and dances on stage.

There are also many opinions in favor of female idols, saying that this choreography will make many idols show their ribs, not just Yuna. Besides, fans also think that Yuna has a slim body, a naturally small waist but is not thin because she used to be an athlete.

Netizen also defended Yuna:

  • Just because of the dance moves. She is still very beautiful and healthy
  • She’s the naturally thin type. Don’t worry, she’s fine
  • Yuna, let’s eat a little more!

Yuna, ITZY’s visual, lead dancer and sub vocalist, was born in 2003 and originally included in the lineup of JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX, but ended up debuting sooner in ITZY. Although she is not the main dancer, Yuna is famous for her outstanding dance skills.

ITZY is currently concentrating on Japanese promotions. The group released their first Japanese single ‘Voltage’ on April 6th. The song is charting well, ranking 3rd on the Oricon Weekly Combined Singles Ranking on April 18th.

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