Barbie Hsu is rumored to get married to Korean singer and DJ Koo Jun Yup to taunt her ex-husband 

New suspicions surround the marriage between Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo. 

The clash between Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei has not shown any sign of stopping and reached a boiling point when Xiaofei released negative information about the relationship between his ex-wife and her new husband, DJ Koo (Koo Jun Yup). 

According to Sina, while Barbie Hsu and DJ signed the marriage certificate, their relationship was professional and not based on mutual feelings. 

Wang XiaofeiBarbie Hsu
Barbie Hsu and her new husband got caught in controversy following her fallout with her ex-husband 

Sina reported the reason Barbie Hsu decided to have a fake marriage with her Korean singer husband to take back the limelight and popularity, which brought streams of revenue from commercial deals, and to taunt her ex with her new found con. 

The news source also said, according to the prenup, Barbie Hsu had to pay 200 thousand CNY (28 thousand USD) each month to DJ Koo so that he could support his parents. His living cost in Taiwan would be taken care of by Barbie. 

Koo Junyup Barbie Hsu thumbnail
Barbie Hsu was reported to pay large expenses each month to maintain her fake marriage with DJ Koo 

Currently, no involved party has verified the information and Barbie Hsu is currently living happily with DJ Koo. They frequently display their affection for each other and are not hesitant to share their married life with the public. 

Koo Junyup Barbie Hsu
On a TV show, DJ Koo said he was not intent on letting his wife bear their kids for fear of affecting her health 
Goo Jun YeopBarbie Hsu
The couple have their wedding rings tattooed to symbolize an eternal love 
dj koo
DJ Koo tattooed his wife’s name on his right arm as an expression of his love 
Koo Junyup Barbie Hsu
Their tattooed images connect to the memories of their love 24 years ago 

Source: Sina 

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