A JYP boy group announced a comeback after all the members left the company, even changed the logo and social media accounts!

This boygroup’s comeback is attracting a lot of fans’ attention as this is the group’s first comeback after all members left JYP.

On May 9, GOT7 officially confirmed their comeback with a green album called GOT7. This is also the 7 boys’ first comeback after all members terminated their contracts with the management agency JYP early last year. According to the published poster image, the group’s album will be released on May 23.

GOT7 will make their first comeback after leaving JYP

Not only that, the group also changed the logo and created new social networking accounts called “GOT7 is our name” on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. In particular, what makes fans extremely excited is that the 7 boys will release their first comeback teaser on May 9 – the birthday of the GOT7 fan community, showing how much the group loves and respects their fans. .

GOT7’s new social media account
New logo of the group

Previously, on January 10, 7 GOT7 members announced that they would not renew their contracts, and then officially left JYP Entertainment. However, even though the group is no longer under the same company, the group has not disbanded, the members have signed contracts with different companies but have promised to spend time reuniting under the name GOT7.

Even though GOT7 leaves the company, they are always together

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