The first K-pop group with all 17-year-old members… Girl group CSR to make their official debut

Kpop girl group CSR will officially launch their career in the music industry. 

Rookie Kpop artist CSR (also known as “First Love” in Korean), will debut at 2pm on July 27th (KST) with the pre-release of their title song MV “First Love (Pop? Pop!)”. 

Meanwhile, the group’s first album “Sequence: 7272”, to which the title song belongs, is one that opens the first act of a youth movie that will be presented by CSR. “Sequence: 7272” will contain the feeling of first love that 17 years old girls feel for the first time and the first thrill that is unfamiliar but pleasant.  

The title “First Love (Pop? Pop!) is a dance song that expresses the image of a 17-year-old  who finally gets to enjoy and honestly express the first love that she has only heard of before, while boasting a dynamic and lyrical melody on a funky rhythm and dynamic bassline. You can expect to feel a variety of charm that feels like an explosive first love while listening to it. 

In addition, the girls’ first love story will also be told in B-sides songs, which include: “Seventeen (72.72Hz)”, “It’s a Secret (Manito)”, “Send to you now (Toi Et Moi)”, and “Euratcha!”. The album as a full will deliver a refreshing and cool mood, while giving listeners an emotional narrative as if they are watching a first love movie. 

CSR consists of 7 members Sua, Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Doona, and Yeham, and has caught the attention of many people even before their official debut. The group’s debut promotion content gives off a high-teen charm, friendliness, and bright energy, combined with members’ outstanding visuals and lovely atmosphere.

CSR, a unique group with all members at age 17, is drawing the attention of the public through their youthful chemistry and “first love” sensibility. 

The group’s first mini album “Sequence: 7272” will be released on various music sites at 6 pm (KST) on July 28th. 

Source: wikitree

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