NMIXX releases live singing dance practice video, getting praised as the 4th generation girl group with the best vocal skills

JYP’s girl group NMIXX shocked music fans with their “live” choreography video.

NMIXX recently uploaded a stage practice video for their new song “Love Me Like This” on the group’s official Youtube channel. 

In the video, NMIXX members wore comfortable clothes and practiced like they were on the stage of a real music show. The most impressive thing about the video was that the members performed live while dancing to the MR (instrumental track without vocals) rather than AR (instrumental track with recorded vocals). While showing off their high-level choreography, they amazed viewers with a live performance that was almost perfect in harmony with the music. Despite the intense dance moves, NMIXX showcased surprisingly strong and stable vocals. Since its upload, the video has attracted keen attention and even risen on the YouTube trending videos list.


In the comment section, netizens and fans poured out compliments, such as “Are they singing live? That’s crazy…This is the most shocking dance practice video I’ve ever seen”, “They’re amazing”, “No other idol group releases a dance practice with live singing like them…. I’m so proud of NMIXX”, “The ad-libs are so satisfying”, “This means the company is very proud of the group’s vocal skills”, “Their vocal stability is insane”, “They have everything, from performance skills to vocal and visuals”, “They’re definitely the most talented singers among 4th-generation idols”, “Their live singing performance is so good”, etc.

A few days before the release of this dance practice clip, a video titled “Monster Vocal Group Accidentally Created by JYP [NMIXX vocal review by professional singer]” on the YouTube channel “Heyday” also made headlines. 


In the video, Kim Sung Han, a member of the three-member ballad vocal group NeighBro, praised NMIXX, saying, “All the members enjoy singing and you could see that they love singing so much”, adding “They’re not just practicing because they’re nervous. They’re practicing because they just love singing it so much. They way they just play around with the song. They are all part of the training. Thanks to those experiences, they become so good at singing LIVE. Among the 4th generation idol groups, I think they have the most powerful voice. Their vocals are very classy and refreshing at the same time.”

Earlier on the 20th, NMIXX released their first mini-album “expérgo”. This album’s title track “Love Me Like This” is a song that mixes street vibe bounce rap and R&B-style vocals. Produced by the world-renowned producing team LDN Noise, “Love Me Like This” features addictive melodies and lyrics about the true connection and changes of people who can love themselves and each other.

Source: Wikitree

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