Goosebump: EXO’s repackage album has been hinted by SM since … 5 years ago?

Fan discovered that the EXO diamond logo was actually incorporated into the previous music product of the group.

Recently, SM Entertainment has officially announced the comeback of EXO with the 5th repackage album of their career. This album from EXO‘s “Love Shot” is expected to be followed by the successful million of “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” and the previous products of EXO.

As we all know, on each comeback, EXO has a new logo representing the album. The icon for the album “Love Shot” has been announced, which is a sparkling diamond image. Just like previous times, the EXO logo has never disappointed the fans in terms of sense and sophistication.

However, not only stop at a nice logo, but K-POP fans also shocked when discovered that the diamond has been hinted by SM from a long time ago. The evidence is:

Diamond Image on the cover of the album “Growl” and “XOXO” released in 2013
The mysterious shadow in the diamond has appeared in the labyrinth of “Overdose” …
… and the MV “Overdose”
Stylized diamond with cross-sectional knit is used as wallpaper in “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”

EXO will officially comeback on December 13th. This will be EXO‘s second comeback this year. Let’s wish EXO a successful comeback!

Source: Tinnhac

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