Gong Seung-yeon: “My conversations with younger sister TWICE Jeongyeon have decreased since we lived together”

Actress Gong Seung-yeon’s pictorial photos were released through the magazine Cosmopolitan on Jan 21st.

In an interview after the photo shoot, Gong Seung-yeon said, “It’s been about 6 months since I lived with my younger sister TWICE Jeongyeon. I’m a homebody. Once I get home, I won’t go out and answer calls.”

Gong Seung-yeon shared, “I play hard when I go out and lie down as soon as I get home. When I’m alone, I often lie down and watch Netflix series. Lying down makes me happy.” She added, “Recently, I asked Jeongyeon what she would like to receive as a gift for her birthday, and she said ‘I want my sister to leave the house’. She always jokes like this, but there are many comfortable things when we live together, such as sharing housework. Ironically, it feels like our conversations with each other have decreased since we lived together.”

Gong Seung-yeon Cosmopolitan

Gong Seung-yeon confessed, “When I was living apart from my younger sister, we asked each other what’s going on these days and kept talking more. But these days, we just have everyday conversations like ‘Welcome home’ or ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ We’re indeed real siblings.”

Meanwhile, Gong Seung-yeon will appear in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “The Police Station Next to Fire Station” that is scheduled to air in May.

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