From Jang Won Young to IU “Lips sparkling like tanghulu”

Smooth and moist lips resembling fruits coated with sugar are often referred to as “tanghulu lips”. These lips are currently beloved by celebrities. Tanghulu lips can be achieved using lip gloss, lip oil and similar products.

IVE Jang Won Young showcased a lovely stage makeup look. She showed off her charm with tanghulu lips and eye makeup that emphasized eyelashes. The red lips that seemed to contain water made Jang Won Young’s facial features more distinct.

jang won young

Singer-actress IU pulled off glossy lips while digesting an elegant dress. The combination of light skin makeup and sparkling tanghulu lips enhanced IU’s innocent aura, capturing attention. Her lip-focused makeup is suitable for daily wear as well.

aespa Winter also showed tanghulu lips. The combination of soft skin expression and radiant lip makeup created a pure atmosphere. Both upper and lower lips were shimmeringly accentuated, making the lips look more voluminous.


Singer Taeyeon completed her moist makeup look with wet hair and skin that appeared hydrated. Rosy cheeks and glossy lips stood out as focal points in Taeyeon’s makeup.

Source: Daum

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