Unprecedented in history: President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol’s representative visited HYBE Labels’ headquarters… BTS and their agency reached a great position

HYBE Labels – the “common roof” of BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN… became the first entertainment company to be visited by such high-ranking figures.

On April 2nd, the Korean media published various photos of the Presidential transition committee chairman visiting the headquarters of HYBE Labels in Yongsan District, Seoul. Accompanying Chairman Ahn Cheol Soo are expert members of the Korean Social, Welfare and Culture Subcommittee. Here, the representative of the new President had a meeting with Chairman Bang Shi Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won. These powerful figures also watched TXT practice as well as took commemorative photos with 5 members.

Accordingly, this visit is intended to convey new content that President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol can do for entertainment companies and startups. Netizens everywhere could not help but be surprised because this was an unprecedented visit in history. Never before had such a high-ranking person visited an entertainment company. HYBE Labels is the first agency to be visited by high-ranking government officials, proving the company’s great influence and position beyond the entertainment industry. In fact, BTS and HYBE now have global influence not only in the entertainment field but also economically and culturally.

Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Presidential transition committee chairman and high-ranking government officials visited HYBE Labels’ headquarters on the afternoon of April 2nd
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Here, powerful figures met President Bang Shi Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Here, Chairman Ahn Cheol Soo…
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
…had a meeting to convey what the new administration of President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol can do for entertainment companies
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
After the meeting, the new President’s representative toured HYBE Labels’ headquarters, from the lobby…
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
…to the recording studio…
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
…and Chairman Bang Shi Hyuk’s office
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Top government figures also met TXT
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Ahn Cheol Soo and accompanying characters took commemorative photos with TXT
Ahn Cheol Soo Hybe
Mr. Ahn Cheol Soo happily made TXT’s hand sign

As Kpop has grown and gained global influence, the Korean government has been paying keen attention to the entertainment industry in recent years. HYBE Labels is one of the most respected entertainment companies by the Korean government.

Thanks to their great influence and positive image, BTS was chosen as Special Envoys of former President Moon Jae In. The group was granted special diplomatic passports and spoke at the United Nations in front of the most high-ranking and powerful figures in the world. Now, BTS and HYBE continue to win President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol’s heart, showing the company’s tremendous position.

BTS Moon Jae In
BTS members have special diplomatic passports…
…and spoke at the United Nations as Special Envoys of former President Moon Jae In
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