A familiar actor, who has played in many famous dramas, bought a house for the first time after saving money for 56 years

Actor Kim Kwang-kyu purchased his own house for the first time in 56 years.

The preview for the new episode of MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone”, which aired on March 1st, drew attention as it show how Kim Kwang-kyu adapts to the new environment in his new house ‘because it was the first time in his life’ to own one.

In the preview, Kim Kwang-kyu said, “After living in yearly and monthly rented apartments, I earned enough to buy a house for the first time. It took me 56 years to do so”. The revealed house boasts a fantastic view in a luxurious atmosphere, drawing admiration. 

Kim kwang Gyu

Kim Kwang-kyu said, “The whole house was decorated in a simple and comfortable way”, and attracted attention as he put everything the way he likes. In addition, his appearances when exercising and having a celebration drink were also broadcast. It is known that the actor still finds the feeling somewhat awkward during this time as he is still adapting to the new house.

Kim kwang Gyu
Kim kwang Gyu

In a broadcast of “I Live Alone”, which aired in May last year, Kim Kwang-kyu said, “The real estate manager told me to buy a house because there was news that housing prices were about to fall. I trust him so I didn’t buy one and waited for a while. However, the housing price has doubled now. This makes me so angry”, adding, “I’m currently living in an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul on monthly rent”.

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