“Even vomiting…” Han Ji Hyun, there were a lot of eating scenes in “Cheer Up”, but the truth is…

Han Ji Hyun, the lead actress of SBS’ “Cheer Up“, talked about various stories related to the drama at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Dec 15th.

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There were a lot of eating scenes, and there are also famous shorts on YouTube. If you search for Han Ji Hyun, “Who asked? Who’s curious?” appears in related search words. When asked if this scene was an ad-lib, she smilingly replied, “At first, I wondered why they suddenly put this in the script. I learned about the song for the first time through the script. I didn’t know it would be such a hit.” She added, “‘Who asked? Who’s curious?’ was all arranged from the melody to the lines.

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Han Ji Hyun revealed her usual eating habits, “I don’t really like eating. I eat well, but when filming, I tend to lose weight or stamina. If I don’t eat on time, I’ll get a bit sensitive.

Han Ji Hyun confessed, “I ate so much that I thought I’d get a food advertisement. I really got one, but I went to vomit because I ate too much food. I kept eating the same food (cream bread), I got tired of it, so it danced inside my body. I thought I had to spit it out. Later, I changed to eating sweet red-bean bread.

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