Controversy over plagiarising Baek Ji Young’s song arose, “If the other side doesn’t apologize, we will take legal action”

Another plagiarism controversy broke out in the music industry. This time, it’s related to Baek Ji Young.

On December 23rd, PIG Entertainment released an official position regarding the allegation of Slou.D’s “Again” plagiarizing Baek Ji Young’s “No Love, No Heartbreak” composed by its producer DOKO.

jeong seok won baek ji young

The agency explained, “We’ve received many reports pointing out that the two songs have similar melodies”, adding “The judgment of whether it is a violation of the copyright law or not is based on creativity, practical similarity, and source. In the case of music works, practical similarity is judged by comprehensively considering melody, harmony, rhythm, and music form.”

They emphasized, “As a result of our discussion with producers, ‘Again’ and ‘No Love, No Heartbreak’ are similar not only in melody, bridge, and chord progression but also in the direction of the story that expresses the song narrative and the choice of words in the lyrics.”

jeong seok won baek ji young

Currently, PIG Entertainment is waiting for Slou.D’s apology. The agency expressed their anger, saying they will take legal action if the other side does not admit to plagiarism, issue an official apology and offer alternatives to prevent recurrence in the future. 

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young’s “No Love, No Heartbreak” was released on December 22nd, 2019. The controversial song by Slou.D was released on December 15th, 2022.

Source: Daum

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