Most outstanding Korean female stars in Louis Vuitton: Not NewJeans, ITZY, nor TWICE?

As Kpop and K-drama achieve global games, various Korean female celebrities are invited to events of luxury fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton. 

In addition to their music activities, many female Kpop idols also venture into the fashion industry. They are often invited to attend events by famous designer houses, including Louis Vuitton. However, one star in particular is deemed the most outstanding, and she is from neither NewJeans nor TWICE


On March 6th (Korean time), NewJeans Hyein showed up at Louis Vuitton’s show at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week, marking her first event as the brand’s ambassador. Here, the female idol was dressed in a flared white top, as well as sleek black pants.  

While Hyein showed off her perfect figure at this event and shined with her visuals, many netizens expressed mixed reactions at her makeup and hairstyle. 

NewJeans Hyein at Louis Vuitton’s show in the 2023 Paris Fashion Week 
Hyein next to Liu Yifei and Eileen Gu

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” actress Jung Ho Yeon, who debuted as a model, blew the crowd away at the same event. Instead of sitting on the front row for Louis Vuitton’s fashion show, she was the vedette, who did the final catwalk of the show. 

ho yeon
Jung Ho Yeon performed an impressive catwalk and was the vedette for Louis Vuitton’s runway

As the Global House Ambassador of Louis Vuitton, Jung Ho Yeon never failed to attend the brand’s various events. She was also spotted in the designer house’s many parties and hanging out with staff members. 

ho yeon
Jung Ho Yeon has a close relationship with Louis Vuitton as well as the brand’s staff members 

Meanwhile, Taeyeon, who was previously announced as a Louis Vuitton ambassador, was absent from Paris Fashion Week. However, she did appear at a Louis Vuitton’s event in Seoul, Korea. 

Here, Taeyeon donned a chic polka-dotted top and matching purse, but the top was a little bit large in size, making netizens question her stylist. 

Taeyeon’s top had to be tied in the back due to its larger size 

Back in November 2022, TWICE Nayeon attended a Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama in Tokyo, Japan. Here, the female idol was cladded in all black, showing off her sexy shoulder lines.

Nayeon showed up at a Louis Vuitton event in full black 

ITZY were invited to the 2019 Paris Fashion Week. Whilst the female idols were stunning, their outfits are said to be unharmonious and ill-fitted for each member. 

ITZY’s outfits at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week were called “unharmonious”

All in all, while all female idols looked gorgeous in Louis Vuitton, Jung Ho Yeon managed to prove herself as a true model with her outstanding catwalk. 

Source: Yan 

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