EXO Chanyeol opens YouTube channel amid CBX’s contract dispute with SM

While EXO Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen are in an exclusive contract dispute with SM Entertainment, Chanyeol opened a new YouTube channel.

On June 5th, Chanyeol posted the first video on his YouTube channel “CHANYEOL”. In the video, Chanyeol said, “It’s hard to do it alone. This really isn’t easy.”

Chanyeol made a phone call with “senior YouTuber” Jang Sung Kyu and asked for an idea for the channel name, saying, “I’m at the office. I’m trying to make a new channel.” Jang Sung Kyu made everyone laugh by recommending, “You’re like my own brother. So how about ‘Sung Kyu’s Brother TV’?

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Chanyeol then summoned Kai, who was passing by. Kai suggested, “I like this the best. Your name.

In the end, Chanyeol wrote down candidates for the channel name such as “CHANYEOL”, “Yeolmae”, “CHANYEOL-log”, “Daily”, “Sung Kyu’s Brother TV”, “Real_PCY” and asked his dog Zzar to choose. Chanyeol’s channel name was decided as “CHANYEOL”. Chanyeol was satisfied, saying, “I actually like it. I’ll show everything I do through it.”

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When Chanyeol’s new YouTube content was released, online communities’ users responded that the timing of opening the new channel was inconvenient. It is argued that Chanyeol’s action is premature at a time when EXO-CBX (Baekhyun, Xiumin, Chen) and his agency SM Entertainment are in dispute.

On the other hand, there is a position that there is no problem, saying that it was already filmed in winter based on the costumes of Chanyeol and Kai in the video and was released as planned. As Baekhyun, Xiumin, Chen and SM Entertainment all showed their will to maintain EXO activities, other members’ individual activities are no problem.

Meanwhile, on June 1st, CBX notified SM Entertainment of the termination of the exclusive contract. The reasons are “non-provision of settlement data” and “slave contract”. SM Entertainment countered that there was an intervention by impure external forces and that there was no coercion in the process of renewing the contract.


On June 4th, CBX stated, “SM has extended the exclusive period for three years through subsidiary agreements. This is an illegal act that directly contradicts the corrective order issued by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

CBX added, “No matter what form of legal issues are resolved in the future, we will continue to work hard and faithfully as a team called EXO.” SM also expressed their will about EXO activities, “We will make efforts to maintain EXO activities.”

Source: Daum

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