What will be the future for BIG BANG as G-Dragon’s contract with YG expires and members get scattered?

Korean media discuss the situation of BIG BANG after G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment expired. 

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment has expired. On June 6th, YG said to Star News, “G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired, and we are cooperating through a separate contract for other activities such as advertising”, adding “We plan to negotiate a new contract when G-Dragon resumes music activities. YG will spare no support for this.”


The situation between G-Dragon and YG was first revealed through YG’s quarterly report (March 2023), which was released on the 15th of last month. The report showed singers and actors listed as major contractors under YG as of March 31st, 2023. In particular, BIG BANG or G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Young) did not appear among the artists, including BLACKPINK, AKMU, Winner, Sechskies, Jinusean, and TREASURE.

Through YG’s Youtube channel earlier this year, G-Dragon announced, “I am preparing an album and will greet you with various activities”. Because of that, discussions with YG regarding G-Dragon’s other activities and collaborations are still in the process although his exclusive contract with the company has already expired.


BIGBANG debuted on August 19th, 2006, and will celebrate their 18th debut anniversary this year. The group gained popularity after releasing numerous hit songs, such as “Lie”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Blue”, “Bang Bang Bang”, “Last Dance”, etc. After suffering various incidents and controversies, BIG BANG had been inactive for years before releasing the single “Still Life” in April last year with the participation of only 4 members. As “Still Life” achieved remarkable results on domestic and overseas music charts, BIG BANG still proved their power as a top second-generation boy group.

As other second- and third-generation artists who debuted around the same time as BIG BANG recently reunited or released songs on special events, anticipation was also high for BIG BANG’s 18th anniversary to have some special activities. However, the youngest member Seungri already left the group in 2020 due to the Burning Sun Scandal. Daesung moved to another agency, R&D Company. Taeyang transferred to YG’s subsidiary The Black Label, and has been actively pursuing his solo career. T.O.P recently announced his official departure from BIG BANG through his social media. The last person, G-Dragon, is also preparing to leave YG, where he has stayed for 18 years.


Despite the members being scattered, Taeyang expressed his wish for a Big Bang comeback with full members during his recent album release listening party. The male singer said, “My biggest dream and hope is to have a comeback as BIG BANG. It’s difficult for me to say ‘how’ at this moment, but I believe that if I and the other members continue to work hard, we will meet again in a good time. I think the members also feel the same way.” Thus, even though the members are no longer walking the same path, BIG BANG remains optimistic about their future.

Source: Star News

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