aespa’s stage outfits draw negative reactions due to lack of consistency and seasonal appropriateness

aespa’s recent stage outfits are gaining attention for not looking as polished as they are supposed to.

Recently, aespa made a long-awaited comeback with the third EP “My World”. The SM girl group is actively promoting the latest mini-album on entertainment shows and music programs. On Music Bank, aespa performed a b-side from the EP, “Thirsty”, as a gift for fans.


The performance was on point; yet, the outfits are generating divided opinions among fans. They believe aespa’s stage outfits lack consistency among members. More notably, some items are not suited to wear in the summer season in Korea.

The concept is said to be inspired by American sitcoms in the 90s and early 2000s. The title of the song was designed in the same format as that of the hit series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” Despite a rich concept, aespa’s outfits on the stage lack consistency among members
The weather in Korea is getting hotter as the season changes to summer. Yet, both Giselle and Karina were wearing turtle necks with white shirts on top, creating a stuffy feel to their look. The oversized shirt Giselle wore also made her appear less well-dressed. Ningning and Winter’s outfits were more on point but were incoherent regarding the group’s overall look 
Fans believe the outfits in the MV were more appealing than the ones they wore for the stage. Slight tweaks such as adding or changing jackets can immensely affect the overall look

Other than that, other aespa’s outfits were more appealing visually. The SM girl group veers toward more feminine looks that combine sweetness with class and style. A light and compact form complements the members’ slender physique from top to toe. Hence, fans are asking aespa’s stylists for more sensible choices for the group’s stage outfits in the future.

Source: K14   

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