Lee Min Ho reveals ‘Project M’, the first digital art in Korea that uses digital humans

Actor Lee Min Ho takes his first step as a creative director by introducing the first digital artwork in Korea to use digital humans.

On May 14th, Lee Min Ho’s Youtube channel “leeminho film” released “Project M”. Under the theme “New World, New Meta”, the video is a digital art featuring Lee Min Ho’s digital human M.


“New World, New Meta” is set in a virtual Seoul in the year 2143 where social unrest prevailed due to the strict social classes and the corruption of the state control system, as well as environmental pollution. The standout feature is the imaginative ‘Project M’ given to food. The act of consuming food is portrayed as beyond a basic human need and treated as a high-level form of entertainment and hobby, providing cyber-styled representations of various foods that are enough to stimulate the curiosity of viewers. Moreover, Project M, completed with cyberpunk-style computer graphics (CG), boasts unique visuals that go beyond realism.

Lee Min Ho participated in every aspect of this project, from selecting artists for collaboration to planning, story development, and production. The first collaborator to join Lee Min Ho’s project is the world-renowned digital artist AXL LE. AXL LE, who is from Shanghai, China, became famous after introducing the Kiyomi Kobayashi series, a trilogy released in 2018 and 2019.

Lee Min Ho’s side stated, “AXL LE, who has recently produced and presented various video works incorporating AI technology, is praised as a ‘genius artist’ every time he unveils a new work thanks to his realistic and detailed expressions and unique story structure that exceed reality. He is also recognized as a visual director who presents a new vision for CG art”. The exhibition “FMK’s Q1_Axel Le” planned by Gallery Chosun will run until the 28th, showcasing AXL LE’s previous works and the new work “The First Meta human.”

In addition to AXL LE, BOX OF TOYS Studio from the UK participated in sound design and music mixing, while NMBRS Studio Production from Sweden was involved in motion capture and CG animation.

Lee Min Ho shared, “While looking for artworks in various fields, I was fascinated by the intense visuals of AXL LE’s work so I proposed a collaboration”, adding “It was interesting to challenge myself in a field I had never done before and collaborate in a different form aside than acting. Starting with this project, I want to continue collaborating with artists in various genres.” 


In the future, Lee Min Ho plans to expand his activities as an actor to include media and content viewing, as well as pioneering collaborations regardless of nationality and genre. He also plans to expand his activities in areas such as acting, planning, and production.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently focusing on filming Season 2 of Apple TV+’s drama “Pachinko”.

Source: Daum

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