Huge scandal: MOMOLAND forgot to bow when seniors helped them at SMAs

Only MOMOLAND can forget to bow and thank to the seniors who helped them to put the chairs away so that they can easily move.

Continuously sticking with the image of having poor attitude to the seniors in a few recent events, MOMOLAND did not seem to have learned the lesson. During the 2019 Seoul Music Awards ceremony, the girls continued to walk onto the stage without turning back to bow to their seniors NU’EST W.

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MOMOLAND involve in new scandal in SMAs 2019.

According to the clip that was spread on the music site, MOMOLAND followed each other through a rather narrow passage because of the furniture to get on stage. At this time, the members of NU’EST W saw that the juniors were moving in difficulty, so they stood up and pulled out their chairs, helping MOMOLAND to conveniently travel.

momoland lai tiep tuc quen chao tien boi tai smas 2019
NUEST’W members helped them move chairs away but they didn’t even bow to them.

However, in response to this affection, MOMOLAND quickly walked by NU’EST W without bowing or giving thanks to the 7-year-old senior. Later, when they met BTS, the girls seemed to remember about the greeting so they quickly bowed to the group.

At the disrespectful attitude of MOMOLAND, netizen and NU’EST W‘s fans were really angry, saying that the MOMOLAND girls still act the same since they kept forgetting to greet. Now, they even forgot to send words of thanks, a minimal courtesy when receiving help from others. Let’s see some comments from netizens and their anger at MOMOLAND‘s behavior towards the senior NU’EST W:

-“This group suffered from long-term back pain, but the company refused to go to the doctor but kept going to the award ceremony. The disease is getting worse.

-“Well, is it time for MOMOLAND to have back pain again?”

-“MOMOLAND didn’t intend to do that, they were just having too much pain, I thought that they only have back pain, but apparently throat aches as well.”

-“This is the second time they have not greeted NU’EST W. JooE has also participated in the show with the NU’EST W, why would they act so disrespectful?”

-“Haha, they just bowed down to BTS because the last time ARMY bashed them so hard. This time it’s NU’EST W’s turn, is it that difficult to bow? ”

momoland lai tiep tuc quen chao tien boi tai smas 2019 13a5263c
The girls continue to leave a bad impression on the audience.

Although this is not the first time they attended an awards ceremony, MOMOLAND still made the basic mistake of not bowing to the senior. Hopefully, after many criticisms by netizens, MOMOLAND will remember and not make this mistake anymore. What do you think about MOMOLAND‘s action?

Source: YanNews

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