Former T-ara’s Soyeon reveals the house she is living with her 9-year younger boyfriend 

Soyeon unveiled the house where she lives with her boyfriend and husband-to-be Cho Yumin. 

On May 6th, former T-ara member Soyeon posted a picture on her Instagram story with the caption, “The first day I bought these pots was when I moved in a month or two ago. I thought I would try cooking rice with pots so I bought them in different sizes, but I didn’t use them once.” The photo shows plates and pots arranged on a shelf. A decorative cabinet for storing wine is also shown in her next story.


Soyeon added, “I used only the smallest pink one a few times to make soybean paste stew and fish cake soup. Let’s cook rice with these pots today and tomorrow.” As for the wine in the cabinet, she said, “I moved into this house and drank 10 bottles of wine. Moscato 5.5%.”

Soyeon’s live-in boyfriend and soon-to-be husband is soccer player Cho Yumin. The two started dating in 2019 through the introduction of a mutual acquaintance. When Soyeon posted pictures of Cho Yumin inside her bedroom, it naturally became known that they were living together


Soyeon’s agency, Think Entertainment, released a statement in January, saying, “Soyeon and Cho Yumin are getting married in November after dating for three years.”  Soyeon is 9 years older than her boyfriend. She was born in 1987 and Cho Yumin was born in 1996.

Soyeon wrote on Instagram, “I have decided to spend the rest of my life with a person I am grateful for. He always supports and believes in both artist Soyeon and person Park Soyeon. In the future, I will try to repay my fans with better music and various activities. Please give me your support and blessings.”

Cho Yumin is a player of the Daejeon Hana Citizen soccer team. He made his professional debut at Suwon FC. Cho Yumin was selected for South Korea’s U-23 national football team in 2018 and contributed to the winning of the gold medal at the Jakarta Palembang Asian Games held in the same year.


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