SNSD Hyoyeon, who lost 9 kg of weight, gained absolute confidence in showing her skin

Hyoyeon, who lost 9kg through intermittent fasting, showed off her slim waist and flat belly in a new outfit.

SNSD Hyoyeon recently lost 9kg through intermittent fasting, gaining confidence with her new figure. In her recent Instagram post, Hyoyeon confidently donned a Hello Kitty crop top that’s both sexy and cute, revealing her ideal body after weight loss. 

During her promotion for SM’s supergroup Got The Beat (GOT), Hyoyeon shared: “I have never been fond of snacks. Sweets, ice cream, chicken… I don’t really eat them. But I gained weight when I drank alcohol.”

The female idol then shared about her dieting experience,saying:Seohyun did intermittent fasting and it worked, so I was inspired to try out the same thing. That kind of diet fits me perfectly, keeping an empty stomach for 16 hours and then eating in the remaining hours. I guess my body is used to it now. I eat all sorts of hamburgers and pizza, and am perfectly adapted to it. I want to compliment myself and am proud of my body. It’s pretty easy, you just stop eating from 6 p.m to 10 a.m of the next day.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon recently released her first mini album “DEEP” on June 16th. This album includes the title song “DEEP”, and b-sides “Stupid”, “Second” (Feat. BIBI), “DESSERT” (Feat. Loppy, Soyeon (G)-IDLE)”, “Badster”, “Punk Right Now” (HYO X 3LAU), and “Sober’ (Feat. Ummet Ozcan), making for a total of 7 different electronic tracks.

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