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Brave Girls Yoo-jung’s shocking confession: “We were called Pig Girls, some even threaten to kill us”

On “I Want To Diet,” Go Eun-ah and Brave Girls’ Yoo-jung reveal their difficulties facing malicious comments.

KBS 2TV’s “I Want To Diet” (directed by Choi Ji-na) is a healthy body-building project with Kim Shin-young, CEO of the entertainment industry, and Ha Jae-sook, Bae Yoon-jung, Ko Eun-ah, Brave Girls Yoo-jung, Kim Ju-yeon, and Park Moon-chi, who are tired of dieting. The weight loss diaries of the cast, who are honest and pleasant without hesitation, lead to the sympathy and response of many viewers.

Brave Girls Yoojung

In the third episode of “I Want To Diet,” which will air on May 14th, the second day of Kim Shin-young and the six members’ camp will be unveiled. The cast, who get closer as time goes by, reveal the painful experiences and obstacles that they had to endure as celebrities who people love. Surprisingly honest confessions appeared one after another, and the “I Want To Diet” sisters were surprised at each other’s stories. The audiences are even more curious as the cast are known to have been unable to hide their sadness.

Brave Girls Yoojung

While talking about dieting and malicious comments in a recent recording, Brave Girls Yoo-jung said, “I was a nobody, nobody commented about me. So I had decided not to be a singer anymore, but I suddenly got a lot of attention,” she said cautiously. She added, “They called us Pig Girls and someone even sent a threatening message saying they would kill us.” It is said that the story Yoo-jung revealed afterward was a series of shocking details.

Brave Girls Yoojung

Yoo-jung’s story is then followed by Ko Eun-ah’s confession. Ko Eun-ah said, “I debuted in my first year of high school and was attacked by malicious comments about my face. I went on a really bad diet because of stress, due to which I wore clothes for children aged 7 and 8,” which shocked everyone. She also revealed the story of malicious comments she had to face after starting YouTube after resting for two years due to depression and panic disorder. Ko Eun-ah said, “I tried not to care, but I was hurt again,” and finally shed tears while confessing her sorry feeling for her younger brother Mir.

Brave Girls Yoojung

This episode will air at 10:35 p.m. on May 14th.

Source: Nate

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