Netizens react to the K-pop drama that is being filmed in Brazil: “What’s going on with their clothes?”

Global OTT service HBO Max will present the original drama “Beyond the Wardrobe” (original title: Além do Guarda-Roupa). Many Korean artists who used to be idols have been cast to play the leading roles, attracting attention.

“Beyond the Wardrobe” tells the story of an ordinary teenage girl in Sao Paulo, Brazil who accidentally discovers a mysterious portal in her wardrobe and meets a popular K-pop boy group through the portal.

Korean-Brazilian actor Sharon Blanche was chosen for the role of the heroine Carol. Sharon will appear as a girl who is indifferent to K-pop.

Singer-actor Kim Woo-jin (former Stray Kids member) will play Kyung-min, a member of the K-pop boy group “ACT”.

Kyung-min owns the best skills but has a rough personality. The two continue their romance by going back and forth on opposite sides of the globe through the portal.

Yoon Jae-chan will take on the role of Cheol-woo, a member of “ACT”. He will try acting for the first time since his debut as a member of the group “XRO” in 2020. He is scheduled to work with Kim Woo-jin, Newkidd’s Jinkwon and The T-Bird’s Lee Min-wook.

Domestic netizens are showing enthusiastic responses to this. However, there are also dislikes about the costumes in the released still cuts.

Netizens showed disappointing reactions such as “Aren’t the stage outfits too tacky?”, “I can dress you up better…” and “They should have shown off K-pop idols’ sophisticated clothes.”

Meanwhile, HBO Max is an OTT service that is subscribed to by 73.8 million households worldwide. “Beyond the Wardrobe” is being filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will be released worldwide in 2023.

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