“You try getting married,” Lee Seung Gi flustered by Eun Ji Won’s comment in ‘All The Butlers’

Eun Ji Won mentioned his married life in the new episode of ‘All The Butlers.’

In the April 24th broadcast of SBS entertainment program ‘All The Butlers’, Professor Yoo Hyun Joon from the channel ‘Sherlock Architect’ appeared as a Master.

Master Yoo Hyun Joon said, “There are only two spaces in my house that are my own spaces. The two-story closet and the veranda are where I can do whatever I want.”

He continued, “What I call my space is whether I can make my own rules or not. The closet is an example. I can organize my closet the way I want. That’s how it becomes my space.”

He emphasized the importance of having your own space, saying, “You have to create such a space to be happy.”

After hearing this, Eun Ji Won, who was once married, said, “I used to be the happiest in the bathroom.” When Lee Seung Gi, a bachelor, asked why, Eun Ji Won told him, “Try getting married”, making Lee Seung Gi flustered. 

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