Former T-Ara member Soyeon: “I’ll focus on housework after getting married”

Former T-Ara member Soyeon announced her plans for promotions after marriage.

Soyeon Cho Yumin

Through a telephone interview with Xports News on Jan 18th, Soyeon talked about her feelings about marriage to soccer player Cho Yu-min and her plans for promotions.

Soyeon said she had never thought of herself as a star, adding that she was puzzled by the public’s enthusiastic response after announcing marriage to Cho Yu-min. She expressed her gratitude, “Even during T-Ara’s promotions, I thought people were just being polite when they said they liked me. I’m not a special star, but I’m grateful that many have interest in me.”

Cho Yu-min used to tell Soyeon that he was a fan of T-Ara during his school days. Regarding this, Soyeon humbly said while smiling shyly, “I thought it was just out of courtesy.”

Soyeon revealed that Cho Yu-min was the one who had been by her side for the past three years as well as gave her faith and boosted her self-esteem. Soyeon confessed, “Since there’s a 9-year age difference, I considered a lot before deciding to get married. The two of us talked a lot, and I trusted him because he gave me a definite conviction.”

Soyeon Cho Yumin

On that day, Cho Yu-min also announced his transfer to K-League 2’s Daejeon Hana Citizen. Soyeon and Cho Yu-min are planning to hold a wedding ceremony at the end of the year when the season ends. Soyeon said, “I think it’s the most important season because it’s Cho Yu-min’s first transfer. I’ll support the parts that I can help as much as possible and focus on housework.”

She added, “I want to show you a more mature and stable image after marriage. I’ll never quit or stop doing music activities. I want to ‘have my cake and eat it’.”

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