Jiyeon, former T-ARA member, talked of the daily stress and unknown pain prior to her marriage with baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun 

The growing stress and pain that the actress has to endure draws the attention of netizens. 

With her marriage around the corner, Jiyeon talked of the added stress in her daily life. In an appearance on YouTube, Ji-yeon confessed that she felt tired after eating and did not feel in her best state. 

Jiyeon then stretched out her arms and body and said, “I have a lot of stress these days, and I have unexplained pain, and I feel like my circulation is not good. There are uncomfortable symptoms in my body that I don’t know the cause of”. 

In the meantime, Jiyeon introduced a healthy lifestyle to cope with the changing seasons, “I should take care of my body as the seasons change”.

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Apart from a healthy diet, Jiyeon also took pills to cope with her condition, “I always have digestive medicine because of stress and irregular eating habits”. She also added having “repeated diet, yo-yo worries, bowel problems, and gastrointestinal disorders”. 

Soon, Jiyeon will have a private wedding with baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun on December 10th in Seoul.

Source: nate

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